Back from hibernation

Well, I do not want to give reasons for having been so lazy and out of touch with the blogging world. But then, here I am, this is me...back!!

I seem to be very famous at not doing things that I soo badly want to and so passionate about. Be it dance, piano or writing. Nevertheless, I've learnt to stop cribbing about not having time and trying to sqeeze in to do as many things as possible. Its never too late...

I have this huge list of "must do" things before I turn eh...ahem...the age that is termed "your old now" and the biological clock is ticking.

To start with, Ive picked up reading again and you'll see a stream of reviews being posted shortly. Next is to learn a differnt form of dance (the shakira effect still reelin..) and im looking at joining one of the dance studios.

More later.


Anonymous said...

Good Tej! Don't be like me! :)