Movie review: Aisha

My rating: 3.5/5

Aisha!! No hang ups. A simple, cool chick flick. No substance. Not a really great story line. Lot of similarities to Sex and the City. Awesome clothes. A very pretty Sonam and Sonam all the way. Very girlie. Chilled out. Shouldn’t be watched with lot of expectations. Time pass.

That kinda summarizes what the movie is all about. A very rich n pretty Aisha (Sonam) is hell bent on acting cupid and getting people to fall in love. Her best friend is Pinky Bose (Don’t know the actor’s name). Then, she meets a not-so-stylish-come-down-to-delhi-to-look-for-bridegroom girl Shefali (Don’t know the actor’s name, but she was cute as well). Aisha takes it upon her to give Shefali a complete make over and fix her up with Randhir Gambhir (Cyrus). He is one of their family friends owning a huge sweet shop business in the city and one of the “oh, I cant stand this guy” types. A character you would say bechaara to!! She fails in that mission cause Randhir is in love with Aisha and proposes to her. She then finds her maasi’s step son, Dhruv (Ah, I dnt wanna knw the actor’s name here..he was ok..looked more like a bouncer!). That fails too cause he hooks up with a New yoker friend of Abhay’s. Hang on, this movie has Abhay Deol as well right ? And I haven’t mentioned him yet ?? Well, precisely the point. Abhay is so wasted in the movie. He comes and goes like the flickering of the candle in the wind!!
He is Aisha’s sister’s brother in law and childhood neighbour. Though they intrinsically like each other a lot, they never show it and are constantly fighting. Abhay aka Arjun keeps warning Aisha to leave Shefali alone to find her man and not to interfere in personal matters. But our little girl doesn’t listen. While Abhay gets a New yoker friend along, Aisha tries flirting with Dhruv. Until Dhurv and the new yoker- ok, her name was Aarthi in the movie become an item!!

While Aisha is soo busy trying to set Shefali up with someone, she doesn’t pay attention to the silent love story happening in the background between her best friend pinky and Randhir (Yes, the pesky guy I told you in the beginning). She loses her friend who calls her arrogant, selfish and mean. The next bomb is when Shefali says she loves Arjun (Abhay) (who is always nice to her) and Aisha somehow doesn’t seem to like that idea. That’s when she realizes that she might actually be in love with Arjun. Aisha realizes that love just happens and cannot be “made” to happen like she was trying so hard with Shefali’s life.

Of course, like all cute whimsical love stories, its happies endings with Arjun and Aisha getting back together. Music by Amit Trivedi (The Dev D guy) was good…a couple of them very good.

You can watch this movie once. Guys who are big fans of Sonam and for the girls who looove shopping and decking up!!


Back from hibernation

Well, I do not want to give reasons for having been so lazy and out of touch with the blogging world. But then, here I am, this is me...back!!

I seem to be very famous at not doing things that I soo badly want to and so passionate about. Be it dance, piano or writing. Nevertheless, I've learnt to stop cribbing about not having time and trying to sqeeze in to do as many things as possible. Its never too late...

I have this huge list of "must do" things before I turn eh...ahem...the age that is termed "your old now" and the biological clock is ticking.

To start with, Ive picked up reading again and you'll see a stream of reviews being posted shortly. Next is to learn a differnt form of dance (the shakira effect still reelin..) and im looking at joining one of the dance studios.

More later.