Its the Weather!

Phhhsssshh.....a four wheeler past a puddle of rain water.Two wheelers on either sides drenched out with the mud.
Slush, gush..put any "ushy" words and this will typically describe the state Bangalore has been for the past two weeks.
Weather seems to have calmed down now...but it could anytime be a change in trend again.
Come to think of the state of the city! There were all possible trees that got uprooted, all possible potholes that got even bigger....the city happened to see many a make-shift kind of lakes / ponds all over the place.

Is this what the city that boasts of being the Silicon Valley of India has to offer?
Whom do we blame? The government ...the people..? Well matter of fact everyone i guess.

I dont think i would want to go into the game of politics here. Its pretty much clear the nuisance of this entire system. Yet, time and again we like fools vote the wrong into power. Infact, i wonder if there are any rights?

Recently the city also witnessed a surge in the crime rate and the administration took to the ageold method of nakhabandhi..well it might have proved useful.But then,is this what this city has to adopt? Cant there be technology-driven better ways?
C'mon , we have a surplus of IT guys out here in the city.In fact im one too :D
Has there been any kind of initiative or drive among us to do something for this city?

I admit it. I havnt done anything for this once beautiful city and my heart does cry out...I have breathed,lived , enjoyed bangalore for 22 years now. But what have i given instead. People never indulge in an activity that does not have any monetary gain. And wow! wot am i talking here...some time,energy and god-for-sake even some amount of one's money to be shelled out.Crap! We have become sooo insensitive to react to all these.Take me for example, im bullshittin all possible things out here but havnt dared to make a difference..well, im ordinary too..easy, very easy way out!!
Cmon' there has to be some solid ways of addressing these issues..and i take an oath today to do my part..atleast i can try.
Damn, its really been a frustrating week to have seen all the water (sewage and otherwise),trees (on roads and on cars)..sigh!

Well, discussions, debates, forums,and even me writin up on this blog about the matter...will there ever be a solution?

IF anyone happens to stumble upon this piece, care to leave some expert comments. Im really trying to think this time!!

So till that time, lets enjoy the rain cause its after all just the weather.