Its 24 hours too less...

One simple question – How many hours are there in a day?
One simple answer – 24 hours

Ok. Now, what was that, you ask me? Let me explain….
I’ve been giving this some thought. What exactly do we or let me be more specific; what exactly do I do in 24 hours? Let me start the cycle with the most wonderful and natural physiological process SLEEP….

7-8 hours of sleep
1-2 hours of daily routines
1-2 hours of traveling time
9-10 hours at office
1-2 hours of living to eat (that’s me , cause of late I’ve developed an un profound fantasy towards eating…absolutely anything from Idly, Dosa to someone’s head!!)

Well, if you take the extreme values here, I seem to have completed the 24 hour cycle without absolutely doing anything - the cream being won by office, where I actually do nothing!!!

Seriously, that’s it?!?! Its seems pretty clichéd to say so, but would it have been different if it was say perhaps 36 or 48 hours ? Hmm…..I don’t think so. The time above would have increased proportionately.

We manage to squeeze in time for family, friends, parties, entertainment within the pre-defined style or routine of normal life. Where then do we have time for ourselves, where then do we have time to live a life that we want, where then do we do something which we love doing (I’m excluding those who love their work from this category). But somehow, this is all the time that anybody has got or gets in life, be it Einstein, Bill Gates or Dr Devi Shetty.

How do we then manage time effectively so that we do not lose out on fun but at the same time achieve something or do something that we want to?
I, for instance, want to learn many forms of dancing, I love theatre, I want to put my humanity instincts to some use, I want to travel to a lot of places, I want to write a book , I want to…hmmm “I want to” a lot of things. Is this all possible? Dictionary has the word impossible but I remember a teacher in high school telling me there is nothing like that!!
Yeah, all it takes is will power, determination and some smart thinking to do them all. But then, not everyone is a genius. Its takes that something extra to get right there!!

Having said all that, I ask myself, have I at least had time for family and friends alike ? Hmm…no, not exactly. Where then does all the time go??? You spend time with family; you have some distant family (distant in terms of blood relations but close in terms of your personal relations) complaining. You spend time with friends, you have another set of them complaining….You spend time with maternal grand parents, you have the paternal ones complaining. True, you cant do everything , but it is still important to keep people close to you, “close” to you literally. In fact, a few minutes back, I got a call from my Uncle who told me “atleast call me once in a while…its been a long time since I even heard your voice”.

Sometimes, you don’t intend to hurt a person , unknowingly though, you land up doing just that. Why ? “I just don’t seem to have enough time really” is the only possible excuse you could genuinely have.

I tried to do some research on how to spend time more effectively. I did hit upon some interesting/weird findings, one of them being Polyphasic sleep; reduce the number of hours of sleep and instead use that to do that something more in life -here

To know the value of one year - Ask the student who failed their final.
To know the value of one month - ask the mother of a premature baby.
To know the value of one week - ask the editor of a weekly magazine.
To know the value of one day - ask the wager earner with six children.
To know the value of one hour - ask the lovers who are waiting to meet.
To know the value of one minute - ask the person who missed the plane.
To know the value of one second - ask the person who survived the accident.
To know the value of one millisecond - ask the Olympic silver medalist.

- John Maxwell