This was long long pending. I love travel and have been going around quite a bit for the past couple of years or so. Ive already posted some of my travel experiences previously.

The title, Travelogue may not be completely appropriate for the stuff I would be writing. Do not expect me to provide you with the best set itenary here...I will try to nevertheless; but then this will be more of what I did, places visited and some interesting trivia.


Movie Reviews

I am a total movie buff and I watch pretty much all genres of films. So, I've decided to start off writing about my own useless take on movies...be it Hindi, English, Kannada, Tamil or Telugu (Well, thats pretty much the languages I know / understand).

Selecting the first movie review I wanted to write about wasnt all that tough. But then, you cannot consider it totally a review as such as its an old one and one of my favourites. "Forrest Gump..."

So guys, watch space to savour the different chocos that life..err..movies have to offer....!


Book reviews

Finally, ive decided to share my views and thoughts on all the books I read / have read.
Being a true book lover, Ive finally managed to get back to reading books, definitely not at the pace I used to read once upon a time. Nevertheless, its a start Ive made all over again.

I was a bit undecided till now as to whether I needed to start off a new blog for the reviews alone. But then, considering the person I am, I decided to keep it simple and plain. One blog, different avatars! (read categories by the way :) )

I will religiously post all links of my book reviews in this page so it consists of a consolidated list at any given point in time.

Next, coming to that one book for which I want to write my first review...Well, it was an extremely difficult task to assay from such a large list. But Ive finally zeroed in on one - Wuthering Heights (Emily Bronte).

Ive read this book atleast 4-5 times right from school. And every time I read it, it makes a mark on me that lasts for quite a while. So, watch out for it soon :)