Im alive!

Im 23 years too late!!
Been out of action for how long i dont remember...havnt seen the sun rise and heck its surprising that im up today at this hour (and god save me) 'blogging'.
Just wanted to breathe out here and keep my webspace intact....after all i need to conquer the universe!!
I think its more than 3 mths since i touched the computer at home and yeah, almost close to a month since i touched the comp!!! (havnt been to office..im on leave !! ahem!)
And what in the earth have i been upto?? Just being my supine self....i needed some thing to just relive me off all the crazy things runnin in my head right now and trust me.i havnt a clue what im typin here....pardon any typos (d otherwise)...well, to whomsoever happens to read this (if any that is).
I have a whole load of things to change..hang on ..not just yet...i mean to say, i need to get up and really start livin....And i wish i do that soon .. And i have a marathon of exams comin up...so, im just hangin on there right on...
'I shall be back'

PS: I really havn't done a proof reading of this post and neither wil I now...Publish - shut down - good night!