Comfortably Numb

The title seems just apt to describe me right now. I dont particularly have a reason for my hibernation, just like the way I dont for a lot of other things (Hmm, I think i should make that almost.duh!!)

I had hell breaking loose for me sometime back. The nightmare of giving an exam and waiting for the results! Call it the CAT-syndrome.
Sometimes, I feel the hype and hula over CAT seems a little over done. Its not that I found it very easy or did very well. But the fact remains its after all just an exam. Either you work real hard to make it or your just plain lucky!! It was neither for me this time. Colourful pictures crafted, crescendo of anticipation increased. Well....

The world seems to hype up just about anything these days...the latest being Akshaya Trithiya. Not that this auspicious day did not come a few years back....but yes, of late, it sure seems to be all over the place with the likes of Sridevi or even Vasundhara Das (if you remember last year).
Last evening, I as usual went for a stroll around my place. There are close to 15 odd jewellery showrooms on the road. The surprising thing, not a single one was empty. I thought of checking out some local bangle and artificial jewellery stores. To my surprise, they were crowded as well!!! Somehow, the number of people increased exponentially to the size and location of the showroom! Well, all for the good of the shop owners!Hmm!

I wonder what is it that makes people (who have the money and those who dont) to throng these places on just one particular day. Why do we still have these beliefs?And does gold actually multiply if you buy them on this day?
The only thing I can reason out here is the fact that life is so fast paced and stressed out that we just need some (or any) reason to get away from the routine!

Well, all for "All that glitters is not gold".....