One day in a life time...

6:00 AM: Gloomy, lazy, snooze the alarm
“Get up now”
6:30 AM: Gloomy, lazy, stop the alarm
“Get up now”
7:15 AM: Glob, Burp, hurry, running like crazy
“Run, Run, Run”
8:10 AM: Gloomy, lazy, stare at the monitor
9:10 AM: Horror, sadness, joy, News reading
“Want to become a social worker.”
10:10 AM: Smile, check time, smile, check time
“When will the meeting end?”
11:10 AM: Gloomy, lazy, do some work
“Hungry kya?”
12:30 PM: Famished, famished, famished
“Lunch time is here”
2:00 PM: Games, entertainment news, some soothing music
“La la la…tar ara...”
3:30 PM: Sleepy, lazy, do some work
“Another 1.5 hrs still?”
5:00 PM: Happy, happy, smiling, done for the day
“What plans for the evening?”
6:15 PM: Happy, happy smiling
“What’s there to eat?”
7:15 PM: Surfing, chatting, mailing
“If only they don’t block these at office too…”
9:15 PM: Sleepy, smiling, sleepy
“Finally, your home sweetheart!”
10:00 PM: Eat, drink, sleeeepy
“Lets go to bed please…”

12:00 midnight Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz