Moview review: LuckByChance

My rating: 4.5 / 5

Yes. Yes. Yes. 2 amazing movies in a row!! I love these kinds of hatke movies. Did anybody say its similar to OSO….!! Damn, that would be an insult to this chic flick!!!

Dimple is fabulous. Hrithik is mind blowing (even if its only 3-4 scenes that he comes for) Farhan is amazing. Konkana is great. Isha Sharavani is cute. Rishi Kapoor and Juhi are natural. (Note my order of preference :-D )

Well, the story is simple and entertaining. Farhan and Konkana are wannabe actors. Konkana is desperately waiting for that big break promised to her from one of the industry wallas and agrees to do blink-and-your-gone kinda roles just for him. Farhan comes to Mumbai with big dreams. He meets Konkana at a friend’s place and they hit off instantaneously. Konkana’s heart is broken when she is ditched after the 3-year waiting. She manages to just pass off Farhan’s photos to the producer before leaving and bingo, life takes a completely new twist……..

Luck by chance, Farhan is selected and gets to screen test for a major production house. The movie is very important as its launching yester year super star Dimple’s daughter (Isha) into the hindi film industry. You can imagine the hype surrounding a big launch like that one. Unfortunately, the super star starring opposite her (Hrithik) leaves the film and yes, you guessed it right, our very own Farhan is selected as the lead.

The movie very subtly shows how the big wigs behave and the usual Page 3 masala following it. Farhan happens to attend a party with one of his friends. He sees Dimple there and makes it a point to impress her and get into her good books. Never knowing that it could change his life completely.

And what happens ? Lady luck bestows upon him and bingo, he actually screen tests for Dimple’s daughter’s movie. But obviously, she recognises him and pitches for him to be selected. What luck!!!

The usual gossip, links and break-ups follow, something so typical to movie business. But it’s been really well handled and shown by the director. Definitely not the characteristic run-of-the-mill approach.

Farhan is shown to be cunning, mean and selfish. Well, he had slight negative shades even in Rock On, if you remember….
You really can relate to real characters like this. And that’s what any man is, don’t you think ??

A good lesson to learn after watching the movie - Make it a point to network /and socialise. You never know who or when things might change!! Heheheh.

Farhan doesn’t have powerful screen presence or the making of a super star! But with two classy movies in his piggy bank, Farhan is here to stay. Awesome director, a great singer, a good actor and a nice host…..Wow, ye tho complete package hai mamu!!

Definitely, LuckByChance rocks.


Movie review: Slumdog Millionaire

My Rating: 5/5

Its 2 AM in the morning and I’m writing this at this insane hour. This surely gives you a clue as to how much I might have liked the movie.

There are two schools of thought here. One which considers this as purely a creative output of a team and leavens the movie as is. Another which probably delves deeper into certain aspects and creates an atmosphere of controversy. I primarily fall under the former but somewhere, a part of me is still thinking on the latter lines….
This could mostly be attributed to the already existing opinions publicised by some famous and some infamous people.

A story set with the backdrop of Kaun Banega Corepati or Who wants to be a Millionaire (whatever you wanna call it…) showing the sleazy lives of slum children, showing pure innocent love, showing despair, hope and dreams, showing that side of India which we wouldn’t want seen, showing powerhouse performances…and showcasing powerhouse music.

The movie captures your attention from the word ‘go’. I really couldn’t find a single part of the movie which was unnecessary, boring or mediocre. It’s the story of a boy from the slums and how he earns his million the hard way!! Every question asked in the contest relates back to his life transmuting this to an oscar nominee…

This showcased the dirty side of India, that time and again a movie on India’s poverty always seems to chance the privilege of the hollywood crown, is definitely true. There is no denying that. But then again, for those who’ve seen the movie can relate to it when I say the finale was so beautifully Indian. It wasn’t the poverty nor the money, what captures your attention is the genuine feelings and the love between two people, lost and found.

Cinema and movie making is a creative form of art. It portrays the perception of a person or a team of persons giving visual life to a script of words!!
That’s all you need to take this as and treat it as a movie well made and on a genuinely original script not told before.

Without getting into much ado, all I can say is that I just loved the movie. It touches your heart, it makes you cry, it makes you laugh, it makes you cheer and it makes you sigh!!

Definitely worth all the hype (and perhaps the controversial debates too). I have my fingers crossed for Rahman more so as only that would be an Indian victory. The movie is hollywood, so its status quo there in terms of priding on its win.

Go enjoy it if you haven’t already.

Jai ho!!