I was digging up some old books of mine and found something interesting. Its a story that I had started long back but never cared to finish. Here's the excerpt..

“Make it fast! We need to catch the early bus today.” I realized my decibel frequency was beyond human hearing range. Sarah, my friend, would have almost gone deaf! She hurriedly drank the glass of milk kept on the table. We were late for the class again.

“Sorry David”, we chirped in, almost resonating. David, our teacher maintained his composure and resumed from where he had stopped. He was a man of great principles. It had been almost a month since we had joined. Our friends at the class told us that not a single day had the class started late. Well, we could never aver the fact…we had never arrived early. Not tomorrow, I thought, almost aloud that Sarah nodded in agreement. Both of us knew the real reason and I gave her a smarmy smile….

Anybody care to give a whacky/ wild/ weird/ interesting ending ?!?


Me in the Lion City!!

I don’t blog very often and when I do have something to write about, Im always quite busy with other things.
Now, a month after visiting Singapore, I’ve tried to put down on paper my experience of the entire sojourn right from the planning…

Matter of fact, I was never part of this trip. It just happened and Im so glad for that. I was really thinking of giving my parents a special gift for their wedding anniversary, now that I’d put almost two and a half years of work! They had never been outside of India and the best that could fit in my budget was Singapore.

I think it actually starts from here. The fact that it’s really affordable and you tend to get a decent package if you plan in advance itself is a welcome note to the place.
Thanks to A who did all the running around and info collecting. Thanks to A again for having pushed me to include myself in the plan of action!! Well, what started out to be a surprise gift for my parents eventually became a treat for me as well :-)

The beginning was getting my parents to have their passports done! After what seemed like eternity, they finally managed to complete the forms. It had been lying at home for more than a month!! The next was to keep this whole thing a secret until everything was planned out and ready. Unfortunately, I needed to get their signatures on the visa form and had to let the cat out early….nevertheless, a surprise it sure was!!

As the day was nearing, the excitement was building up. Mom was all ready with her salwars (considering the fact that she wears sarees more often than not). Dad was still hunting for a nice pair of shorts (Well, I have to mention…thanks to A again for having lent his fav shorts). Somehow, for me I was a bit lost…I was really worried about having included myself for this and having taken upon me to make sure my parents enjoyed...(Now I really know how they have been feeling all these years through)

It was a 3-night 4 day trip. As the flight landed and I could see "Singapore Changi Airport" in bold, I seemed to slowly but gradually lose the initial inhibitions. It was amazing to get a feel of an airport so huge and clean...really that’s the second best part of the trip.
We stayed at the Grand Central in Orchard road. Well, that place looked lovely with wonderful decorations for Christmas and New Year having started quite early. We did have some frightening moments at the start of the trip though. A tour guide was supposed to pick us up and drop us to the hotel. He was there at the right spot, on time and waiting for us, no doubt, but, once we handed him the money, I got a little worried. After all, it was the first time in a new place. He asked us to wait and went to get the car. ‘Thud, Thud’, I could feel my heart beating in my mouth when I saw the car swivel and go out. But then, after a few minutes, he was back from the other side…damn the one-ways, I thought!!

But from then on it was a smooth sail. We spent like an entire day roaming around on the streets of Orchard road and Little India. Phew! I walked like crazy that day, almost having got blisters on my feet!! The city tour and Sentosa Island on the second day was real good fun. The third day was even better…the surprise packet being Jurong bird park. We had never expected it to be so nice, thought it would be just another bird park, with all birds caged. We were so wrong!!

The final day was perhaps the best part of the trip. We were completely on our own, moving around in MRT - Mass Rapid Transit (Get the metro project going in namma bengalooru, please!!). It just didn’t seem difficult to get the tickets, get onto the train and get off at the right station. The system is so easy, straight forward and passenger friendly. We visited the Sentosa Island again and spent a lot of time in the beach there…rejuvenating I must say!

As the plane landed in Bangalore after 4 full days in the Lion City, you wouldn’t have seen a happier person get off :-). All in all, it was a much needed break and Im glad I went. Thanks for everything ‘A’ :-) :-) :-)