The Phenomenon that was

A lot of things have already been said, written and viewed about Michael Jackson. MJ's death like any famous rock star is shroudded with mystery and legal issues. This post is not about the life of this great star (you can get that by just googling for it) or about the mystery surrounding his death (the only big news on TV for the past few days...move aside Kashmir, move aside terrorism!!). Somehow, I was compelled to write this tribute post (even a brief 2 lines) as I know for a fact that he was one of the biggest phenomenon in the world of music.

I have loved and enjoyed MJ's music since my coll days and its sad to see yet another music icon go down this way. With all the controversies - the spooky shadow caught on camera in his neverland home or his body going missing or that a crater on moon is going to be named after one can deny what a talent he was!

If all the weird rumours making the rounds are to be believed, then michael jackson may actually come alive from the coffin and walk straight into a live concert!

Michael Jackson - The Phenomenon: You will always be remembered through your music...Goodbye, if your really gone!